Cadillac Ranked Top in Customer Service by J.D. Power & Associates

Luxury vehicles, first-class service and friendly customer service comes standard at Orlando Cadillac dealers

Cadillac, one of General Motor’s luxury brands, scored incredibly high on J.D. Power & Associate’s 2014 Customer Service Index (CSI) Study. In fact, Cadillac was ranked number one in the luxury category. According to the survey, customers have been incredibly happy with service and repairs made to their vehicles after purchasing from a dealership.

GM had a second brand, Buick, which also ranked highly in the survey, scoring the number one spot in the mass market category.

For those unfamiliar with the CSI Study, it is a measure of how satisfied owners of one to five year old vehicles are after they purchase from the dealership. In other words, this is how are the dealerships are performing in holding up to warranties, routine maintenance, repairs, and other necessary services.

This year’s J.D. Power & Associate study revealed several interesting facts. Over the last four years customer satisfaction with dealership service is significantly higher than what customers receive at independent mechanic shops. It also revealed that purchasers of mass-market vehicle brands tend to rely heavily on social media when making purchasing decisions, while owners of luxury vehicles like Cadillac rely more on review and rating sites.

Other brands which ranked in the study’s top five luxury brands included Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, and Lincoln. Cadillac received four points more than the runner up (Audi), and seventeen more than the average luxury brand. Besides Buick, the top five mass-market brands were comprised of Volkswagen, GMC, MINI, and Chevrolet.

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