Orlando Electric Car News: January of 2014 Marks the Anticipated “On Sale” Date for the Cadillac ELR at CentralFloridaCadillac.com

Central Florida Cadillac now has the hottest thing in luxury electric cars since the Tesla.

As the first of the 2014 Cadillac ELR models were sold in December, they carried a price tag of $75,995. For this luxury automobile provider, such an affordable price may seem like quite a bargain, especially for the extended range electric vehicle. The ELR is basically a smaller version of the Chevy Volt hybrid vehicle. What does this mean for Orlando? Simply that those that purchase the ELR will qualify for the $7,500 tax credit after receiving IRS certification, which drops the purchase price to only $68,495 reports Central Florida Cadillac.

The features of the now available ELR include a 1.4 liter engine that features a T-shaped 16.5 kWh lithium ion battery. Much like the popular Chevy Volt, the ELR is estimated to have a driving range that will be over 300 miles, which includes approximately 35 miles on the highway where the vehicle will only require electric power.

“Each vehicle that is sold is also going to come with a Concierge Representative,” states GM electric vehicle specialist Kevin Giguere of CentralFloridaCadillac.com. “Cadillac has stated that this service provides drivers with an additional contact point for information regarding home charging, updates, news, service scheduling and battery care. If customers need help, they can simply dial the provided number to speak with a professional representative.”

Other appealing offers that come included with a Cadillac ELR purchase include a propulsion and extended battery warranty that is for eight years or a total of 100,000 miles, as well as a warranty providing bumper to bumper coverage for four years in order to alleviate any type of electric concern that a customer may have.

This vehicle comes with the standard Cadillac features, which include a touch screen, CUE navigation, LED lighting, forward collision alert, and lane departure warning. Currently the ELR is offered in four different driving modes, which include Hold mode that allows the user to determine when the batter is used, Sport, Touring and Mountain, which is optimum for any hilly terrain.

To schedule a test drive of the impressive new electric vehicle or to place an order for an ELR in Orlando, please call 407-378-6460.