Buy Used Cadillac in Orlando and Receive Low Fall-Clearance Prices on Escalade and CTS

If you’re considering a vehicle purchase, buy used Cadillac in Orlando and experience the significant clearance prices that are going no now to make way for new models.


If you are considering the purchase of a vehicle, you should buy used Cadillac in Orlando and experience the significant fall clearance savings that are going on RIGHT NOW! Orlando’s favorite used Cadillac dealership,, is holding a “Fall” in Love with Cadillac Event that is providing unheard discounts for anyone that purchases before the new models are rolled onto the showroom floors.


The necessity to make room for the latest and greatest Cadillac models gives you the opportunity to receive huge savings, making the pain of a new or used vehicle purchase much easier to bear. The deals that are being offered range from used Cadillac Escalade SUVs to used CTS luxury sedans, with a number of other models available as well.


“The necessity for this sale is to clear out the lot before the arrival of the new 2014 vehicles,” states Kevin Giguere, Founder of Central Florida Cadillac. “This gives our consumers the ability to receive once-a-year savings that seem to fly off the lot very quickly.”


This means that you should stop by today, to see what vehicles are left at these substantial savings.  Chances are you will find a used Cadillac that is just what you have been looking for, at a much lower rate than you expected to pay!


Central Florida Cadillac offers Orlando all the latest and greatest new Cadillacs, including huge discounts on used Cadillac. This is for a limited time only, which means that you need to stop by today to reap the benefits that these impressive savings have to offer. Contact Kevin Giguere at 407-378-6460 for the used Cadillac dealership closest to you and “Fall” in Love with a Cadillac.