ATS Coupe Debut at Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

Clean and conservative, that was the motivation behind the inspiration for the latest ATS Coupe offered by Cadillac. According to critics, this vehicle is just about as modern as a sport sedan gets. While this vehicle is designed to be distinctive in its own way, and has a clear identity from the CTS Coupe, it is clearly a Cadillac.

The ATS Coupe, which was debuted at the Canadian International Auto Show has been specifically designed to be more agile, lighter and engaging that its closest competitors, further extending the growth that Cadillac is accustomed to in the luxury vehicle industry.

The ATS, which is the first ever compact luxury Coupe offered by Cadillac, will go on sale in the late part of the summer, 2014. This Coupe offers consumers the choice of an all-wheel or rear-wheel drive handling system. The Coupe can be purchased with a 3.6 Liter six-cylinder or a 2.0 Liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. No matter the combination that you use, the ATS Coupe has taken advantage of the strong and lightweight structure in order to deliver an exciting performance with high efficiency.

The ATS Coupe has already gained a significant reputation for superior excellence and the ability to stand-out form the sport-sedan pack in ways that truly makes a difference in consumers looking to purchase a vehicle: balanced performance, unique look and light and lean driving experience.

The profile of the ATS Coupe has a styling and profile that is much more adventurous, although it has a more elegant look compared to the other offerings by Cadillac in the coupe realm the ELR and the CTS.  In addition to great style, the ATS also offers safety features that keep true to the Cadillac brand with eight airbags, which include front knee air bags, as well as the option for side and rear air bags.

This Coupe offers the perfect driving experience for any Orlando resident, making driving down the Florida coast fun, exciting and efficient. If you want to see what this vehicle is all about, visit Central Florida Cadillac in Orlando.