The 2014 Cadillac CTS Receives Title of Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, an Orlando Florida Cadillac dealer specializing in online auto sales, is proud to announce that the newly available 2014 Cadillac CTS has secured the prestigious position of Motor Trend Car of the Year. The 2014 Cadillac CTS won over a total of seven finalists including the Mazda 3, Kia Forte, Jaguar F-Type, BMW 4 Series, Chevrolet Corvette, Benz S-Class and the Mazda 6. There were a total of 22 vehicles in line for the award.

The Cadillac CTS 2014 model is made at the Grand River Assembly Plat in Lansing. This award marks the second time that this model has won this prestigious award from motor trend. The second generation won back in 2008.

According to Ed Loh, the editor in chief of Motor Trend, this vehicle has prevailed over all the others in the most competitive areas and met the key criteria for the award. The judges were also particularly impressed by Cadillac’s powertrains responsiveness of the CTS and the superior balance of sporty handling and smooth ride.

The Car of the Year award offered by Motor Trend is open for all of the new or upgraded 2014 vehicles. Instead of being compared to each other, the vehicles are put through the entire battery of both performance tests in order to measure the vehicles acceleration, limit handling and braking. The testing and evaluation is a very involved process and one that the Motor Trend Company is proud of. The cars are evaluated and judged on six different criteria including:

  • Design Advancement: This includes the styling of the interior and exterior, the actual vehicle packaging and the selection and the use of materials;
  • Excellence in Engineering: This includes the total vehicle execution and concept, innovative packaging solutions and cost effective technology that is beneficial to consumers;
  • Efficiency: Small carbon footprint and a low level of fuel consumption;
  • Safety: The ability that the vehicle has to help driver’s avoid crashing and the secondary safety aspects the vehicle contains to protect passengers during an impact;
  • Value: Competitive pricing and levels of equipment when compared to the other vehicles in the same segment of the market;
  • The Performance for the Intended Function of the Vehicle: This measures how well the vehicle does what it was intended to do by designers and the engineers.

All of the contenders are then evaluated on three different courses at testing center prior to the selection of the finalists.

The latest version of the Cadillac CTS offers sophisticated technology and thrilling performance. According to the Global Cadillac senior vice president, Bob Ferguson, with the global growth that Cadillac is experiencing and the rising credibility of the product, the all new CTS has elevated the Cadillac brand to an entire new level.

This award winning version of the 2014 Cadillac CTS being offered with three different powertrain options. The vehicle was originally unveiled the New York International Auto Show in 2013 and starts with a price tag of $46,025, which includes a destination charge of $925.

The very first Cadillac to win the Motor Trend Car of the Year award was back in 1949 and has now won an additional three times. The three awards were actually for the entire brand in 1952, for the Seville Touring Sedan in 1992 and with the CTS sedan, second generation back in 2008.

“Cadillac has long been recognized for its performance and luxury and this award is another validation of this fact,” states Kevin Giguere, founder of Central Florida Cadillac.

All those interested in experiencing the 2014 CTS in Orlando are encouraged to call 407-378-6460 and schedule a test drive at their local Central Florida Cadillac dealer.